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SB223: Restricts Local Agencies from Certain Actions Relating to Immigration Enforcement

Senate Bill 223 was introduced on Monday. If passed, state and local agencies – including school police – would be restricted from using resources, personnel, and databases to aid most immigration enforcement activities. We’re proud of our Nevada Democratic leaders in the Senate who sponsored this important legislation.

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Introduced Monday, February 27, 2017: “This bill prohibits a state or local law enforcement agency, school police unit or campus police department from: (1) using its resources to conduct certain activities for the purposes of immigration enforcement, including, without limitation, detaining a person for, or transferring custody of a person to, federal immigration authorities and responding to certain other requests by, and providing assistance to, those authorities except under certain circumstances; (2) making a database, or information therein, of the agency, unit or department available to any person for the purpose of immigration enforcement; and (3) with certain exceptions, employing a peace officer who performs the functions of an immigration officer or placing a peace officer under the supervision of a federal agency. This bill does not prevent a state or local law enforcement agency, school police unit or campus police department from responding to a request from federal immigration authorities for information about a person’s criminal history.”

Primary Sponsor(s): Senator Yvanna Cancela, Senator Tick Segerblom, Senator Aaron Ford, Senator Julia Ratti, Senator Moises Denis

Regressive Local Legislation – Beware!

AB131: English as Nevada’s Official Language

Introduced Friday, February 10, 2017

This bill would designate English as the official language of Nevada, and require most meetings, state documents, transactions, and publications be conducted or printed in English.

BEWARE! Due to its broadness, this bill could be interpreted to mean that official state business must only be conducted in English, potentially disenfranchising non-English speakers and placing an undue burden on them when dealing with state agencies and officials. Click here to watch Assembly Democrat Majority Leader Teresa Benitez-Thompson poke fun at the bill.

Primary Sponsor(s):
Assemblyman Richard McArthur, Senator Donald Gustavson